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We’ve had the pleasure to bring so many bright minds to the TEDxLBS stage.

  • Evan McMullin
    Why saying “never again” to genocide is not enough

    Evan served for over ten years as an undercover Operations Officer with the CIA’s National Clandestine Service, including multiple conflict zone tours of duty in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. More recently, he advised the Committee on Foreign Affairs in the U.S. House of Representatives on national security issues and is currently the Chief Policy Director with the House Republican Conference and a co-founder of the early stage, next-generation television platform Given his first-hand insight, he asks why the free world continues to allow genocide and other mass atrocities to occur despite repeatedly vowing “Never Again”, and what can individuals and companies do about it.

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  • Claudia Christian
    How I drank more to overcome alcoholism

    Claudia Christian landed her first TV series at 18 on NBC’s nighttime drama Berringers and her first studio feature at 20 in New Line Cinema’s cult hit “The Hidden.” Over 50 films, hundreds of TV shows and 5 music albums later, Claudia has worked with George Clooney, Kirk Douglas, Faye Dunaway, Nicolas Cage and countless other luminaries. A hugely successful actress who saw her personal life and career tested by addiction, Claudia shares her journey of overcoming alcoholism and offers fresh perspectives on alcohol use disorder treatments.

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  • Ed Rex
    Can computers be creative?

    Computers can drive cars and beat people at the toughest board games, but can they be creative? As a composer and entrepreneur, Ed Rex believes we are heading towards a world where AI will master creativity, and he has founded a startup to find out more. In this talk, he reframes the question by asking what we really mean when we say that humans are creative, and examines how far computers have come in replicating this process and what it will mean for us as they continue to improve.

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  • Matthew Syed
    Why you should have your own black box

    Matthew Syed was the British table tennis number one for almost a decade, three-time Commonwealth Champion, and twice competed for Great Britain in the Olympic Games (in Barcelona in 1992 and Sydney in 2000). A columnist for The Times, he has also gone on to publish numerous bestselling books; Bounce, published in April 2010, has been described as “one of the most intelligent and thought-provoking books about sport ever written”, and Black Box Thinking, published in 2015, which has been globally acknowledged and translated into multiple languages. He makes the case for acknowledging failure and confronting our mistakes, a notion he refers to as “Black Box Thinking”.

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  • Kelly Price
    Cancer: you could be the cure

    As a Texan fluent in Japanese and Chinese, Kelly Price wondered if she was destined to become a doctor in Asia. Instead, she parlayed her love of biology, language and travel into a career in medical market research with a focus in oncology. Later on, when Kelly was matched with a patient in need of a stem cell transplant, she suddenly found herself observing the treatment of cancer from the inside. The experience was life-changing. Kelly hopes that through her talk, she can help others realise how truly simple it can be to offer someone the chance of a cure.

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  • Chris Cowan
    How word of mouth really works

    Chris Cowan once followed the typical path of a successful marketeer: Unilever, Duracell Batteries, Disney. He then decided to start over and set up Clusters, a market research agency, which was built on his passionate belief that evidence-based targeting is a prerequisite for great marketing. A far cry from the overused buzzwords they have become, Chris promotes ‘segmentation’ and ‘advocacy’ as ideas that must be delivered with simplicity in order to positively impact the way a business goes to market. He takes us back to one of the purest ways of delivering ideas, word of mouth, and explains how it really works.

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  • Charles Irvine
    Conflict as a natural resource

    During his time as a peace monitor in South Africa at the height of Apartheid, Charles Irvine developed a belief that conflict has the potential to be our greatest natural resource. Since relocating to the UK in 1996 to build “Questions of Difference”, a niche consultancy, he has gone on to inspire more than 40,000 people as a strategic business consultant in over 30 countries. He is driven by his passion for creating environments where groups of people do extraordinary things. Backed by his unique experiences, Charles gives a fascinating perspective into conflict and the power of good that can emerge from the unexpected.

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  • Kitty Chisholm
    Pay attention: you can change your brain

    A professional coach helping leaders achieve sustainable change, Kitty Chisholm developed a passionate interest in how people and organisations learn and change through her work with the Open University. As a founder Director of BoardwalkLeadership, she uses her knowledge of how brains can be changed to support more women into leadership and companies to develop a more diverse leadership pipeline. Hot on the heels of her new book, “Neuroscience for Leadership”, Kitty gives us insight into the power of attention as a key mechanism to change your brain.

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  • Julia Lalla-Maharajh
    How to end female genital cutting in our lifetimes

    Through her time spent volunteering in Ethiopia, Julia Lalla-Maharajh had a first-hand glimpse into the devastating practice of female genital cutting. Deeply affected, Julia founded the Orchid Project, where she worked on the ground in Senegal and The Gambia and witnessed an incredible grassroots movement of communities choosing not to cut their daughters. By sharing her passionate fight to end this taboo, Julia lifts the lid on how social change happens and explores how radical shifts can lead to extraordinary results.

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  • Daniel Robaczewski
    Can hypnosis heal you?

    The discovery that hypnosis is not magic, but a legitimate tool used in psychotherapy and personal development led Daniel Robaczewski to start performing with a group of enthusiasts on the streets of Warsaw at the age of 17. During the journey that followed, he became a certified hypnotist, participated in hundreds of hours of workshops, hypnotised over a thousand people and taught hundreds of his own students, including psychologists, psychiatrists and actors. In his entrancing talk, Daniel gives a glimpse into how hypnosis works and explores the power of the human mind.

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  • Sue Cox
    What tango can teach about leadership

    Twenty years working with organisations as a Learning and Development Specialist gave Sue Cox a deeper perception of the nuances of strong leadership than most. However, her most powerful and illuminating insights came from an entirely unexpected quarter; a three-year sabbatical dancing Tango in Argentina. On her return to the UK, she devised Ballroom2Boardroom workshops, drawing from the complex dynamic of tango to challenge how we lead and follow in business. In her talk, Sue advocates an inclusive approach to leadership, one which allows us to embrace uncertainty and foster creativity.

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  • George Ploubidis
    Time is on our side: the power of longitudinal data

    A population health scientist by trade and Chief Statistician of the Centre for Longitudinal Studies at the University College London, George Ploubidis’ research has centred on uncovering the socio-economic, demographic and structural determinants of population health and the mechanisms that link these over the life-course. He is particularly interested in the joint progress of health and mortality and the use of population surveys to capture macro level trends. With a focus on the development of reliable population health metrics and the evaluation of existing measurement instruments, George talks about the power of longitudinal data in understanding how life changes across generations.

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  • Rajesh Chandy
    Could fewer entrepreneurs mean greater prosperity?

    Professor of Marketing and Academic Director of LBS’ very own Deloitte Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Rajesh Chandy’s findings on innovation have been quoted by Forbes magazine as “an unorthodox and bracing set of management principles”. He is widely recognised for his work with aspiring and established entrepreneurs, and the winner of multiple awards for his contributions to marketing theory and thought. On the back of his unorthodox principles, he asks an unorthodox question for someone who is such a champion of innovation: Could fewer entrepreneurs mean greater prosperity?

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  • Estelle Lovatt
    The fun and irony in art

    As a freelance art critic for the BBC and Sky News who trained as a fine artist, Estelle Lovatt is well placed to offer her expert opinion on the theory, practice and intention behind great artworks. Estelle believes art is a universal language that best communicates human emotion as it breaks down barriers regardless of idiom, race, age, culture, gender, religion, country and ethnicity. In her illuminating talk she opens your eyes to the hard-to-fathom masterpieces, explaining how best to appreciate different art styles at work and understand the artist’s original intentions, allowing you to discover the hidden critic in you.

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  • Freek Vermeulen
    Corporate viruses and bad management practices

    Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at LBS, Freek Vermeulen writes, consults and speaks across the world on topics such as strategies for growth, strategic innovation and making strategy happen. Using rigorous research to gain insight into how business really works, his work has been recognized by the most reputed academic journals and managerial publications. He explains why market forces fail to eliminate inefficient processes and strategies and how, as a result, outdated and plain detrimental practices persist within companies and industries—just like viruses persist in nature. Identifying and eliminating such corporate viruses can enable firms to innovate and create competitive advantage.

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  • Ruba Shamshoum
    Being creative in a society that worships the past

    Palestinian musician Ruba Shamshoum has lived and breathed the music industry for almost a decade, during which she has been involved in a large range of musical styles and ensembles. She started composing her own material in 2011, writing the song ‘Ya Leil La Trouh’ for Annemarie Jacir’s film ‘When I saw You’. Her new singles generated much critical acclaim and elevated her onto the indie charts in the Middle East. As a beacon of innovation and imagination in a conservative environment, she shares her fascinating experience of being creative in a society that worships the past.

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  • Edwina Dunn
    Curiosity & Collaboration

    Edwina Dunn talks about market research in the digital age, how to extract value and truly understand your customers.

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  • Udayan Goyal
    Financial inclusion in the information age

    Udayan Goyal talks about why success lies in cooperation and collaboration, why start-ups should work with incumbents, and what factors make for a successful collaboration.

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  • Sherry Coutu
    Why we should go back to school

    Sherry Coutu talks about how to turn despair into hope and how to inspire the next generation.

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  • Alex Edmans
    The social responsibility of business

    Alex Edmans talks about the long-term impacts of social responsibility and challenges the idea that caring for society is at the expense of profit.

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  • Jessica Butcher
    Visual search for generation curious

    Jessica Butcher talks about how visual search has the potential to enhance and deepen appreciation of the physical world in everyday life.

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  • Karl Lokko
    Leading and leaving the London gang world

    Karl Lokko talks about the importance of community and his transition from a gang member to a community leader, creating a therapeutic rehabilitation center for youth.

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  • Jean-Pierre Benoît
    Rational accidents

    Jean-Pierre Benoît talks about the problem of prevention, inherent contradictions in the logic of “doing the right thing,” and and how to alleviate these issues.

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  • Anant Singh
    Creative choices in dark days

    Anant Singh talks about his journey creating films that speak out about difficult issues in South Africa and abroad to create social awareness.

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  • Melissa Reiner
    How to listen like a musician

    Melissa Reiner talks about how to listen to the music in your everyday life and surroundings

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  • Robert Diamond
    Love your data

    Robert Diamond tells us why sharing our personal data could be the best thing we do. He examines how individuals, companies, and government all must play a role to leverage personal data to truly change the way we interact with the world.

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  • Crystal Ruff
    Changing the future with stem cells

    Every single one of us is affected by diseases which stem cells could potentially treat in the future. Dr. Crystal Ruff explains what stem cells are and how they are changing the way we treat diseases.

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  • Gareth Cliff
    Africa’s new voice: join the conversation

    Gareth Cliff talks about the impact of the mobile phone on democratization of media in Africa, one of the youngest, most active, and unsaturated consumer markets in the world.

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  • Adam Carroll
    When money isn’t real: the $10,000 experiment

    Adam Carroll talks about his $10,000 Monopoly game with his kids and how to teach finance management in a cashless society.

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  • John Mullins
    Customer-funded business

    London Business School Associate Professor John Mullins tells us how to start, finance or grow our business using our own customers’ cash. Professor Mullins explores how customers can provide venture capital.

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  • Ash Judd
    A long shadow: war, mental health and leadership

    London Business School student and Australian Army Officer Ash Judd explores the topic of leadership. Through his personal struggle with mental health following a the war in Afghanistan, Ash explains how we should make our leadership about the led, and not about the leader.

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  • Alexa Meade
    Alexa Meade
    Rethinking the Boundaries of Painting and Photography

    Alexa’s pioneering artistic technique – shown in the Saatchi Gallery, London and worldwide – lies at the intersection of painting, photography, performance, and installation. Painting directly onto her subjects and then photographing them, Alexa blurs the line between reality and representation.

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  • Lydia Prieg
    Lydia Prieg
    What Finance and Business Can Do Now

    Lydia is a finance and business researcher at the New Economics Foundation (nef). A former trader, her work now focuses on financial reform & insuring that banks and markets effectively and sustainably serve society.

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  • Sonia Medina
    Sonia Medina
    Energy: Africa's Hidden Power

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  • James Lu
    James Lu
    Embracing Your Genomic Self

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  • Riley Senft
    Riley Senft
    Running Against Cancer

    Riley is a medical resident at the University of Manitoba. Inspired by a succession of family and friends diagnosed with prostate cancer, Riley recently ran 6,600km across Canada to convince men to “Step Into Action” towards early detection.

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  • Mark Johnson
    Mark Johnson
    What I Know About Life and the London Riotiers

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  • Nick D’Aloissio
    Nick D’Aloissio
    A New Way of Consuming Information

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  • G.S. Smith & F. Terry
    G.S. Smith & F. Terry
    Classical Architecture in Modern Times

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  • Nirmalya Kumar
    Nirmalya Kumar
    India's New Entrepreneurs

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  • Chris Coghlan
    Chris Coghlan
    What Micro Entrepreneurs Taught Me

    Chris Coghlan founded Grow Movement, a non-profit that provides low-cost advice to small business entrepreneurs in Uganda through remote volunteer consultants in Africa and globally. Operations are expanding to Rwanda and Malawi later this year.

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  • Angela Knight
    Angela Knight
    The Financial Sector's Role in Rebuilding

    Angela leads the British Bankers Association, the trade organization for the UK's banking and financial services sector. She served as a Conservative Party member of Parliament and as Economic Secretary to the Treasury. She holds several board positions.

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  • Nadeem Shaikh
    Nadeem Shaikh
    Our financial future, digitized

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  • Lynda Gratton
    Lynda Gratton
    How to be Ready for Your Future, Now

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  • Rajal Pitroda
    Rajal Pitroda
    Bollywood and New Beginnings

    Rajal is a Forte Foundation Fellow at London Business School. Before this, she founded a firm in LA to develop movie marketing campaigns. Rajal authored 'Starstuck', a novel based on her experiences working in Bollywood and published by Harper Collins in 2011.

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  • Pancham Gajjar
    Pancham Gajjar
    Bharatanatyam Dance: Living Stories

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  • Jana Sievers
    Jana Sievers
    Mobile advertising reconnects with consumers

    Jana, a mobile advertising expert, is responsible for building sustainable partnerships with strategic global suppliers, publishers, and app developers from the mobile internet area. Prior to madvertise, Jana worked at Advanced Marketing Consulting and the German Publishing House SevenOne Media.

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  • James Walker
    James Walker
    Regeneration Stories

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  • Suzanne Lee
    Suzanne Lee

    BioCouture is a research project harnessing nature to propose a radical future fashion vision. We are investigating the use of microbial-cellulose, grown in a laboratory, to produce clothing. Our ultimate goal is to literally grow a dress in a vat of liquid.

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  • Spencer Hyman
    Spencer Hyman
    Disrupting the Arts World

    From 2005 to 2009, Spencer was the COO of with responsibilities including advertising, business development, ecommerce, internationalization, HR, labels negotiation, plus content and rights management.

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  • Holly Mccartney
    Holly Mccartney
    Women in Hip Hop

    Holly Mccartney is the Founder and Director of b.supreme; the UK’s first and largest festival dedicated to women in hip hop, which she has built to become a major event in the international hip hop dance calendar.

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  • Matias Hancke
    Matias Hancke
    Insights on Contemporary Music

    Matías Hancke is a London-based composer born in Buenos Aires. His work includes instrumental and electroacoustic music, and he has collaborated with other artistic disciplines, such as video-art and dance. His music has been performed and aired throughout North and South America and Europe.

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  • Nader Tavassoli
    Nader Tavassoli
    Disruptive Marketing & the Cost of Irrelevance

    Nader Tavassoli is Professor of Marketing at London Business School, where his research and teaching closely aligns with what we practice. He was previously on the faculty at the MIT Sloan School of Management and received his PhD from Columbia Business School.

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  • Dr. Shamus Husheer
    Dr. Shamus Husheer
    Healthcare & The Fertility Market

    DuoFertility is a new medical device and service to help couples conceive without drugs or surgery, and has been shown to be equally effective as a cycle of IVF after just six months of use. At one-tenth the cost of IVF, DuoFertility is changing the way that we look at fertility treatment, and healthcare generally.

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  • Kevin Eyres
    Kevin Eyres
    Talent & Social Networks

    Kevin has been responsible for the International operations of three Silicon Valley companies since coming to Europe in 2000. He was the General Manager of AltaVista International spanning 14 countries. He joined SideStep as Managing Director in 2005 and in 2007 was appointed Managing Director for LinkedIn.

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  • Nuno Mendes
    Nuno Mendes
    My Life as a Traveler

    In recent years, Nuno Mendes has been loaded with accolades. His restaurant — Viajante — won a coveted Michelin star within just 9 months of opening. Yet for Nuno, more important is seeing the excitement and enjoyment sparked by those who experience his singular, inspirational food. Food bloggers discuss every dish in minute detail and seats at the restaurant are booked out for weeks in advance.

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  • Dominic Campbell
    Dominic Campbell
    Politics & Community Engagement

    Having spent 5 years in local government, Dominic established FutureGov Consultancy in early 2008. FutureGov supports central and local government in the UK to better understand and draw on social technology in the areas of digital democracy and public service innovation.

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  • Brian Forde
    Brian Forde
    Rethinking Social Enterprise

    As President, Brian Forde leads Llamadas, S.A. strategic efforts to bring low-cost phone service to rural Nicaragua through a series of innovative telephony projects specifically created for the developing world. Llamadas, S.A. was recently named the Social Enterprise of the Year through the Inter-American Development Bank’s program Pioneers for Prosperity.

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  • Eduardo Crespo
    Eduardo Crespo
    Daily Disruptions

    Born and bred in Quito-Ecuador, Eduardo pursued Bachelor of Arts degrees in Economics and Political Science at Bates College (Maine, USA) and specialized in Development Economics and Economics of Education at University of Oxford (UK). It was there that his passion for all things ‘development’ started.

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  • Khaled Tawfik
    Khaled Tawfik

    Despite being an avid traveler and thoroughly enjoying his time abroad, Khaled has been very much thinking about returning to continue his career in his home country, yet never found the right time or opportunity. On a recent trip to Egypt, Khaled experienced one of the most interesting events in the history of his country – the revolution of the 25th of January.

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  • Andy Stefanovich
    Andy Stefanovich
    The Museum Mentality

    Andy has earned a reputation as one of the most disruptive and effective advisors in business. As the Chief Curator and Provocateur at Prophet with twenty years of experience, Andy leads a team of experts to create change and inspire leaders of Fortune500 companies. GE, Proctor & Gamble, The United StatesOlympic Committee and Nike are just a few of the companies that regularly call Andy for his unique point of view.

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  • Luke Dowdney
    Luke Dowdney
    Real Strength: Transforming Communities

    A former English amateur boxer, Luke Dowdney founded Fight for Peace (FFP) in 2000 in the Complexo da Maré, a complex of favelas (shantytowns) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with the help and support of Viva Rio.Luke’s experience with boxing had taught him that this sport can be an effective tool to overcome division and violence and promote the potential of young people most in need.

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  • Tom Hulme
    Tom Hulme
    How Disruptors are Designing for the Future

    Tom is a Design Director at IDEO in London, where he uses the innovation and design process to develop new business opportunities. A serial entrepreneur and angel investor, Tom has first-hand experience in building successful enterprises and, as a result, a very thorough understanding of business.

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  • Payal Patel
    Payal Patel
    Financial Finish Line

    Payal sees the world as a puzzle to be solved and thus began her career as a management consultant with Alvarez & Marsal, a rapidly growing professional services firm. It was an opportunity of a lifetime for Payal to help build a consulting practice while working with people who took their work seriously but themselves not too seriously.

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  • Samir Ceric
    Samir Ceric
    Innovations in Global Art

    Samir’s mission has always been to champion emerging talent. He is credited with discovering some of the big names in the new Young British Art movement and has offered unprecedented apprenticeship programmes. Samir is an expert on arts and culture, regularly curating exhibitions and speaking on creative entrepreneurship and contemporary art trends.

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  • Margaret Ormiston
    Margaret Ormiston
    The Flip Side

    Dr Margaret Ormiston is on the faculty in Organisational Behaviour at London Business School. She received her doctorate in Business Administration and Industrial Relations from University of California, Berkeley. Her research examines the underlying psychological processes that influence teams and organisational performance in small groups as well as top management.

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  • Sarah Bishop
    Sarah Bishop
    The Connection Agency

    Sarah, author of The Connection Agency, is interested in how people form authentic connections with one another. Sarah holds a Bachelor’s degree in business from American University, in Washington, D.C and is currently an MBA2014 student at London Business School.

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  • Alejandro Agag
    Alejandro Agag
    Disruptive Technology

    Alejandro is the CEO of Formula E Holdings, a global motor racing company that uses cars powered solely by electricity. Alejandro graduated in Economics and Business Studies at Colegio Universitario de Estudios Financieros (CUNEF) in Spain.

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  • Tahreem Arshad
    Tahreem Arshad
    Live Free

    Tahreem has married her passion for diverse audiences, connecting people and entrepreneurship by producing Food4Thought, a community engaging talk show at LBS. She is an LBS scholar, a Chartered Accountant and she graduated cum laude from McGill University.

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  • Kamalini Ramdas
    Kamalini Ramdas
    Rethinking Interactions

    Kamalini is Departmental Editor of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Department of Management Science. Kamalini is an expert in the area of innovation.

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  • Alice Taylor
    Alice Taylor
    Toys From the Future

    Alice has managed to break new ground in virtual-to-physical goods. MakieLab makes game-connectable 3D printed toys and recently launched MAKIES: the world’s first build-your-own 3D printed doll, soon to be expanded as a tablet game and app. Tech City Insider calls MakieLab “one of London’s most admired tech startups.”

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  • Manan Bhasin
    Manan Bhasin
    Simple Solutions

    Manan is currently reading for his MBA at London Business School and is passionate about creating sustainable social impact in developing markets. Over the years, he has led several health awareness and education related initiatives at the grassroots level in India through a range of not for profit organizations. He is currently extensively involved with an early stage startup aimed to enable wider and more convenient healthcare access in rural and urban India.

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  • Stuart Kirk
    Stuart Kirk
    Audience Participation in the Media & the Loss of Mystique

    The Financial Times’ esteemed Lex column delivers agenda setting commentary on business and finance. Prior to joining the Financial Times, Stuart worked at Oliver Wyman, a management consultancy specialising in financial services.

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  • Mahyad Tousi
    Mahyad Tousi
    The Future of History

    Mahyad is a creative producer, cinematographer, and self-proclaimed story junkie and his resume ranges from Hollywood blockbusters to documentaries. BoomGen is a storytelling factory that sits at the intersection of interactive media, entertainment, and education.

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  • Rachel Burn
    Rachel Burn
    Seeing the Body Differently

    Rachel makes dance for the magical context of the theatre, communicating experiences that aren’t so easy to express verbally. She believes that anybody can understand the meaning of movement with surprising clarity. Rachel is a London-based contemporary dancer, both making her own work, and collaborating and performing with other artists.

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  • Orsola de Castro
    Orsola de Castro
    Redressing the Fashion Industry

    Orsola de Castro, an up-cycling pioneer and mom of four, is bringing awareness to green fashion – the belief that turning ‘waste to fashion’ can foster healthy attitudes on sustainability in fashion. She began up-cycling in 1997 with her original label, From Somewhere. She and her partner, Filippo Ricci, later launched Esthetica under the British Fashion Council, to nurture young designers in thinking and creating sustainably.

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  • Erich Joachimsthaler
    Erich Joachimsthaler
    Love is Not Enough!

    Erich is a thought leader with more than 40 published articles and author of two important books on brands. He is also engaged in many consulting projects and undertakes extensive research on global brands, technology, and the formulation of corporate & business-unit level strategies.

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  • Rami Banna
    Rami Banna
    Wearable Technology

    Rami is an engineer, product champion and technology evangelist. He has a passion for communicating technology, entrepreneurship and healthcare. He has previously served as a committee member of Australian Engineering Week, judge of the Australian Engineering Excellence Awards, chair of an Institute of Engineering Technology chapter, and co-founder of industry cluster Embedded Systems Australia.

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  • Gabrielle Adams
    Gabrielle Adams
    You've Cheated, But Are You A Cheater?

    How can we challenge unethical behavior? Gabrielle Adams shares the results of a social psychology study which shows how language can substantially curtail cheating. She shows that using nouns that connect a person’s actions to their identity and character can have a powerful influence on your behavior.

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  • Shoshana Clark Stewart
    Shoshana Clark Stewart
    Why the Secret to Development is Pride

    n addition to pursuing a full-time MBA, Shoshana is the CEO of Turquoise Mountain, a non-profit in Afghanistan that has rebuilt the historic old city of Kabul and the traditional craft industry. Originally a teacher in inner-city US schools, she has spent six years living in Afghanistan, and with her team, has rebuilt 65 traditional buildings, created an institute for training traditional artisans, established a clinic serving 12,000 patients a year, and sold over $2.3 million worth of Afghan crafts internationally.

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  • Dame Stephanie Shirley
    Dame Stephanie Shirley
    Silver Linings

    Dame Stephanie Shirley is a successful IT entrepreneur turned ardent philanthropist and workplace revolutionary.

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  • George John
    George John
    The Age of Artificial Intelligence

    George, overly influenced by Star Trek, previously worked at NASA, earning his “rocket scientist” credentials. He currently manages Rocket Fuel and has married big data with artificial intelligence to create the leading programmatic media buying engine in digital advertising.

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  • Justin Packshaw
    Justin Packshaw
    Human Excellence

    Justin is an entrepreneur and modern day adventurer. He has lived the exploits that many of us only dream of. He started his career as a soldier before starting his own business. He has represented Britain in the Whitbread Round-the-World Yacht race winning the Bollinger Award for outstanding crewman.

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  • Stewart Gilchrist
    Stewart Gilchrist

    Originally from Scotland, Stewart has spent years exploring the relationship between the mind, body and spirit. Following a severe back injury, Stewart experienced an amazing recovery through intensive Ashtanga Vinyasa Mysore yoga practice. Stewart’s sadhana led him towards an extensive yoga education with teachers from around the world.

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  • Gustavo Montes de Oca
    Gustavo Montes de Oca
    Learnings from the Hive

    Gustavo draws on his experiences with bees for The Golden Co, a project enhancing well being and employability of young people in Hackney. He also works on improving the Hackney City Farm’s sustainability; devising ways of growing income, strengthening social impact and improving the environment.

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  • Adrian Westaway
    Adrian Westaway
    Turning the Ordinary into the Extraordinary

    Adrian is the founder of Special Projects, a design and invention studio based in London, and previously ran the award winning design studio, Vitamins. Adrian uses technology to make magic. His background in Electronic Engineering and Industrial Design, combined with the fact that he is a full member of the Magic Circle, help him to understand how things work, and how they will work in the future.

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  • Andrew Grill
    Andrew Grill
    Social Evolution

    Based in London, Andrew Grill is an internationally renowned thought leader in the fields of social business and social media networks.

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  • Simona Botti
    Simona Botti
    Three Insights About Choice Freedom

    Simona teaches Marketing and Brand Management and her research is on consumer behavior and decision making. Simona is particularly interested in the psychological processes underlying freedom of choice, and how different ways of providing and exercising choice influence consumers’ perception of control, satisfaction, and well-being.

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  • Amelia Torode
    Amelia Torode
    Brands on the Brain

    Amelia is an advertising and digital veteran, having started out as one of the very first WPP Marketing Fellows in 1997, and choosing to specialize in digital. Her WPP career took her from London to the U.S. Where she lived for 5 years working for Ogilvy Interactive.

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  • Jean Oelwang
    Jean Oelwang
    Bring out the Magic in Human Nature

    Jean is the CEO of Virgin Unite, the entrepreneurial foundation of the worldwide Virgin Group. In her previous life, Jean lived and worked on five continents helping to lead successful mobile phone start-ups in South Africa, Colombia, Bulgaria, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and the U.S.

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  • Abigail Pogson
    Abigail Pogson
    The Case for the Arts at the Heart of Civic Society

    Abigail runs an arts charity which combines artistic excellence with long term community engagement. She is passionate about the role of the arts in civic life as a central part of our identity, our engagement with the wider community and our sense of the world.< consumers’ perception of control, satisfaction, and well-being.

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  • Paul Craven
    Paul Craven
    Minds and Markets

    Paul Craven is a coach, consultant and public speaker in the area of Behavioural Economics. His talk on “The Mind, Markets and Magic” reveals why human beings have hardwired biases and often make ‘mental shortcuts’ – whether in the field of finance, more broadly in life or even when watching a magician.

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  • Glen Suarez
    Glen Suarez
    Release the Activists!

    Glen joined Knight Vinke in 2007 after a 20-year investment banking career at leading firms such as Kleinwort Benson and Morgan Stanley. He is a specialist in the banking and energy sectors and a keen observer of the investment trade.< sense of the world.< consumers’ perception of control, satisfaction, and well-being.

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  • Radhanath Swami
    Radhanath Swami
    Spiritual Teachings

    Rooted in his study of ancient India’s mystic devotional, Radhanath’s message is simple: by cultivating a genuine practice of service, we can become instruments of compassion and agents of sustainable change in the world.

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  • James Monighan
    James Monighan
    The Internet of Meaning

    James is responsible for the shaping of the UK m2m Strategy and Vision, the creation and execution of all Marketing and the development of new products and propositions. He has over 15 years of experience in Telco’s ranging from start up’s to blue chips including Telewest, Centrica, and Carphone Warehouse.

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  • Leon Vanstone
    Leon Vanstone
    Science Is Not Magic

    Winner of FameLab, PhD Hypersonics Leon is a rocket scientist; he researches how air flows over things at several kilometres a second. Leon believes science communication is as important as the science itself. In many aspect of life science is becoming an ever growing authority, with scientific facts winning arguments and driving government policy.

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