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I am a man, aged 45, who lives on his own in central London. I am a teacher at a state school in London. History is the subject that I am teaching. Let me tell you an interesting story of what had happened one particular day at my apartment in London.

 It was a Wednesday afternoon and I just got back from work. I was getting out of my car and I was heading towards my apartment complex. After taking out the keys from my coat pocket, I opened the front door. As soon as I put on some more comfortable clothes, I started to make lasagne for myself. It does get boring sometimes when you often eat all by yourself but I got used to it somehow. That is also the reason why I go out with friends a lot so that I will not have to eat by myself.

 When I was done preparing the lasagne, I took out a cabbage salad that I bought that day from the supermarket. All I can say is that the lasagne was delicious. I had found the recipe online a day ahead and I was very interested in how it would taste. The recipe had some great cooking tips and tricks in it and I think that is why it tasted so good.


After finishing the meal and watching television for some 10 minutes, I wanted to go outside for a quick walk. I walked towards the console table where the keys were laid down and inserted the keys inside the door. When I put the keys inside the lock, I couldn’t seem to turn the key. I repeated this action multiple times. I couldn’t even remove the key from the lock. The key apparently got stuck in the door lock. The last thing I tried to do was to press my left shoulder against the door to see if I could put any change to this whole disaster. I tried turning the key afterwards. It didn’t help.

 Then I called a good friend of mine and asked for advice. He told me that it would be wise if I called a local locksmith. I was living on the fifth floor so there was no way I could get out the apartment through the balcony. I did what my friend advised me to do: I called a locksmith. I had found a local locksmith online.

 When the locksmith arrived, he opened the front door in less than 25 minutes. He had removed the key from the lock and he told me that the key could not be removed because of a lock malfunction. This is the reason for why the key got stuck in the door lock.  I thanked the locksmith shortly afterwards and paid him for his service. The locksmith politely asked me to quickly finish the payment because there was another emergency situation.

 I was happy that the problem was quickly solved after the arrival of the locksmith. If this problem ever occurred again in the future I will exactly know who to ask for help.


Thank you for reading.